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I am an S.J.D student at Harvard Law School, originally from Israel. In my dissertation, supervised by Yochai Benkler, Duncan Kennedy and Susan S. Silbey, I look at the way formal legal systems shape the legal regulation created by online communities.

Online Communities, such as Wikipedia, open-source software projects and others, have created complicated internal regulatory systems, that adopt many of the characteristics of formal law. At the same time, these communities challenge basic social and economic assumptions that underlie formal law. They aim to present an open, free and commons-based alternative to the capitalist marketplace and hierarchy-based institutions. My dissertation targets the tension between the political alternative posed by online communities and their use of conventional authority of law.

My other research interests are:

  • online legal orders
  • legal theory
  • anthropology and sociology of law
  • effects of system design on social norms
  • the politics of technology
  • legal pluralism
  • capitalism and the law
  • legal consciousness
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